Revolving Credit

Similar to the conventional credit card products, our Revolving Credit Facility offers a pre-approved source of funding to SME business owners. Our Revolving Credit facility will provide the day-to-day working capital to businesses when they need it. The facility is approved for a specific period of time and can be drawn down or repaid partly or fully within the facility period. The advantage in a Revolving Credit Facility is that the borrower pays interest only on what is drawn down and not on the approved amount. The interest is also on a reducing balance.

The Revolving Credit is best suited for Businesses with regular needs for working capital as well as regular cash flows. Businesses such as Restaurant, Grocery Stores, Retail outlets, pharmacies are ideal for this facility.

The Revolving Credit Facility is only approved for SME businesses with very good credit ratings and excellent track records.

How it works


CreditPRO approves a revolving credit with a maximum amount and loan duration to a Business Borrower, having reviewed the business cash flow, valuation of its collateral and applying all terms and conditions.


Borrower can make a request for part of the approved sum at anytime within the facility period. Disbursement is made within 24hours of receiving the disbursement application


Borrower can also pay back any amount during the facility period in order to reduce the interest accrued on the facility since interest is calculated on a reducing balance.

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