Invoice Discounting

It is almost impossible to do business without offering some form of credit to your customers. While you can make sales, unfortunately you don’t have access to the sales proceed immediately as you may have to wait for days, or even months, before payment is received. Delayed payment could be a big clog in the wheel of progress for any business as cash is the life blood of every enterprise.

But not to worry , our Invoice Discounting Facility is the key that immediately unlocks your cash after making your credit sales.CreditPRO Invoice Discounting Facility is ideal for any Small & Medium Scale business that needs to have immediate access to cash after making a credit supply.

How it works


Apply for CreditPRO Invoice Discounting Facility, by presenting necessary documentations relating to the invoice to discount.


Write to the corporate customer on your plan to discount its invoice with CreditPRO and mandate the customer to pay the invoice upon maturity to CreditPRO


On confirmation of document authencity directly from corporate customer , CreditPRO discounts the invoice and credits the business with up to 70% of the face value of the invoice.

Apply for an Invoice Discounting Facility today.

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