Asset Re-Finance Facility

This is a facility arrangement that allows a business access working capital by re-financing its already owned assets and at the same time still in possession of the assets.

The Asset Re-finance facility is a quick fix to businesses’ working capital challenges by using what she already owns to get what she urgently needs. CreditPRO can offer up to 70% of the market valuation of the re-financed asset as working capital loan to the SME.

How it works


A business that already owns an asset without any encumbrances requests for a working capital facility from CreditPRO who does a market valuation on the asset to determine how much the asset can be refinanced for.


Upon agreement, the Business borrower transfers ownership of the asset as it applies for lease of the same asset for a period of time at an agreed monthly rental.


Borrower’s account is credited with the working capital loan. At the end of the duration, the ownership of the asset reverts back to the business owner, having fully paid all the scheduled rentals on the asset.

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