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Business Loans

CreditPRO supports SME businesses by offering customizable financial solutions that are carefully designed to solve their working capital problems. Our working capital solutions for SMEs include LPO Finance, Invoice Discounting, Asset Re-finance, Clearing Finance and Revolving Credit Facilities.

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Consumer Loans

Our Consumer Loans are tailored for individuals in paid employment or who are self employed. Once you can boast of a verifiable source of income then you can enjoy any of our consumer products. Our consumer loans include Asset Acquisition Loans, Personal Loans and Salary Advance.

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LOAN247 is a stopgap financing product designed for micro businesses, salary earners or households with verifiable sources of income. Whether it is household exigencies, small medical expenses, urgent cash need to fix your car, replace your phone, subscribe to your cable TV or for a quick business purpose…. LOAN247 is your best bet!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"A friend of mine told me that there is a way she can help ease the burden of looking for money all the time for my business. She said there is a company called CreditPRO and its existence in Lagos has been for a while. She said the company is of good use to people like me, and if I get to them, things would work out. I called them on phone and was invited for a meeting with the management. Within 24 hours, I got the loan I was looking for."

Ishola Oladoyin

CEO, Ladoyin Global Trades & Investments Limited.

"I came across CreditPRO about 8 years ago, but then it wasn't known as CreditPRO, it was a consulting firm. It was at the time I was transitioning from paid employment into being an entrepreneur. After doing my SWOT analysis coupled with the training I got from them, I knew I needed to be better prepared to go into business. So, when CreditPRO was birthed, it was easy to come on board because there was an existing relationship in place already."

Olaide Soetan

MD/CEO, NhC Pharmaceuticals Limited.

"I got to know about CreditPRO through a friend. For over a year now, I've been in business with them and it has been a smooth-run. Meeting CreditPRO, they have made it easy in terms of accessibility to funds as at when needed."

Ayomiposi Aruleba

General Manager & Co-founder, Gamerite Supermarkets.


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